Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A visit to the bank

I went to the bank yesterday, which like usual, had me waiting in line to then tell the attendant I needed to take out $500.000+ in Chilean pesos (over $1,000 USD).  This is a typical process, because my bank account is only a "cuenta de ahorro" (savings account) and has some restrictions -- I can only take cash out 10 times per year without a penalty, mainly -- and the banks are only open Monday through Friday until 2:00 pm.  Not the most convenient hours.

Since May my "carnĂ©" (Chilean ID) has been expired, as I'm still waiting for the paperwork from the government so I can get a new one -- a process that can take 6 months or more, so I have to show the cashier a stamped document that says I have 6 more months to be able to use my ID card.  About 50% of the time this works out okay, however this time I wasn't so lucky; the cashier said I had to go over to another line to get approval to take out my money.  I walk over to the other line, that has about 15 people, and after jumping in front (to avoid the 30 minute wait) and asking about approval I'm directed to the manager's office.  I walk over, knock on the cubicle wall, and the 55 year-old gentlemen finally acknowledges me, I explain the situation, he takes a copy of my paperwork and sends me back to the original line.

I finally get my cash and stuff it in my sock, a habit I've picked up, as I have to walk around the rest of the day with the cash on me until I can store it in a secret place in my bedroom.  And I'm off on my way.

An extremely typical visit to the bank.

Cash safe keeping for the day.

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