Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gustavo's Bike Repair Shop

One of the best features of my neighborhood is the local bike maintenance guy, Gustavo.  He runs his humble shop, which is down a short alley just in front of the San Cristóbal hill (a major tourist attraction), with a sparkling smile and a calm demeanor.

I get most of my repairs done here, quick axle tightening, brake pads, you name it.  Gustavo always quietly asseses the bike, makes a quick repair and then throws out your price ("quinientos peso" -- about $1, for a quick tightening or trouble shooting).  He also does full bike repairs for $28.000 CLP, about $55; which includes full disassembly, re-greasing and full cleaning.

When you drop off your bike to Gustavo he gives no receipt or documentation, all is based on his knowledge of his customers and the customers' trust in him.  So far, so good.
The sign for Gustavo's bike shop, located down a short, dead-end street.
Gustavo, replacing the chain on my bike.
Filled with bike parts.

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