Sunday, January 15, 2012

The dog situation in Chile

One of the first things people notice about Santiago is that there are dogs just about everywhere - sleeping in the grass, sleeping on the sidewalk, chasing taxis, barking at bicyclists.  It's a normal part of the culture to see dogs around, and they almost become like your own dog -- you see certain dogs around certain street corners, and more often than not they are very friendly and happy.

Some of the people take care of the dogs, leaving food out for them, making little shelters for them or giving them jacket-blankets in the winter.  In the evenings it's a common sight to see dogs with their heads in the trash, digging around for something to eat.

My favorite dog is the black and white one that the neighbors below us own.  I've gotten into the habit of calling all the dogs in Santiago "little buddy," but this black and white dog is the true "little buddy" and it's always nice to see him when I come home.

A very happy dog near the Presidential offices.
Suntanning dogs.
Maybe not the most comfortable spot.
Dogs sleeping in the La Vega market.
It's the norm for people to just walk around the dogs.
Not a bad spot to sleep.
THE little buddy.  My favorite dog in Santiago, just below our apartment.
Sleeping in the shade.